By: Sloane Hughes

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These Photoshopped Emmy Outfits Deserve Their Own Red Carpet

Last night marked the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards, and the only thing at awards shows that gets more buzz than the actual results of the awards show is how everybody dresses for the occasion. I ‘ve never been to the Emmys or the Oscars or anything even remotely similar, nor am I a celebrity whose entire outfit is going to be dissected and commented on by thousands of people. However I have tried to figure out what to wear to year-end work parties while stress-sweating the entire time so I can imagine what planning a red carpet look must feel like.

Which is hell.

It probably feels like literal hell.

Unless you have people to make those decisions for you, like a team of professional stylists, or, I dunno, strangers on the internet.

Comedian Emily Heller is a producer and writer for the show Barry, which was nominated for a whole whack of Emmys last night, including Outstanding Comedy Series, and while Emily was able to attend the actual awards show, she announced to Twitter that she wasn ‘t going to have time to walk the red carpet.

So instead of having to figure out a real outfit for walking the press line, she decided to let the internet get creative with an imaginary one.

And they didn ‘t disappoint ‘ people definitely got creative with it.

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