By: Sloane Hughes

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Greta Thunberg ‘s Stare Contains The Power Of A Thousand Suns

Climate Week 2019 kicked off today, and if you ‘re not familiar with Climate Week you definitely need to be. This event has taken place in New York every year since first launching in 2009, and as the official site describes it, it is “the time and place for the world to showcase amazing climate action and discuss how to do more. ‘ Which is pretty important, since, y ‘know, the world is on fire and if we don ‘t stop throwing gasoline on it we ‘re going to be the cause of our own demise.

The week is just beginning, and there ‘s already been a number of memorable moments ‘ for better or worse.

The first being the fact that President Trump actually showed up to a UN climate-change summit today. He had scheduled appearances at other events during the same time as the summit, but let ‘s be real here, even if he didn ‘t have clearly outlined plans today and just shrugged and said, “I dunno, I ‘m gonna play it by ear, ‘ nobody expected him to be in attendance. Granted, he only showed up for 15 minutes and then took off, like a shitty college student who only rolls up to a lecture long enough to be marked as present.

The second double-take worthy moment today was when Trump said that he ‘d win the Nobel prize if they “gave it out fairly ‘ but that the whole thing is rigged against him. Okay. This statement wasn ‘t shocking in the same way that him showing up to a UN climate-change summit was shocking. That was more like watching a dog play the piano really well for one minute: On one hand it was kind of neat because you definitely never expected the dog would play the piano but on the other hand it was profoundly unnatural and witnessing it felt confusing and almost wrong. Trump saying he should win the Nobel prize isn ‘t unusual behaviour, this is entirely in his wheelhouse and honestly it was only a matter of time before he said it, BUT STILL ‘ THE NOBEL FUCKING PRIZE, DUDE? JESUS.

The third and absolute best moment from today was gifted to all of us by Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old climate activist from Sweden who has been swiftly and beautifully handing every climate-change denier their own ass for the last few years. She also happens to be an actual nominee for the Nobel peace prize, because she is someone who deserves it.

I ‘d also like to nominate her for the Nobel prize for Most Devastating Glare, which isn ‘t a real thing, but it needs to be, because the sheer power of the death-stare she gave Trump at the UN summit today is UNPARALLELED.

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