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Ron Burgundy Talks Music With Super Star DJ Dillon Francis

Before introducing the guest of today ‘s podcast, Ron Burgundy explores the question on everyone ‘s mind: who is Ron Burgundy? After some reflection he comes to the conclusion that he is many things, at least five, but most importantly he is a lover first, and a man last. (And you might even be able to find him on Bumble)

Speaking of love, what is the most romantic music genre? Is it R&B? Is it jazz? Is it a portly Italian man singing songs about pizza pie with mandolin accompaniment? No, the genre of love according to Ron, is EDM ‘ electronic dance music.

And who better to discuss EDM than mega-star producer and DJ Dillon Francis? Ron and Carolina dig into questions like how or where did he get his start? What are the pros and cons of making music on a computer all day? Does he like punk and metal music? What even is metal music? Where does he draw inspiration from? Turns out, not from the Beach Boys.

Beyond just the life and process of a producer/DJ, Ron and Dillon discuss some important topics like senior citizen care, what airline mottos should really be, which causes and organizations Dillon supports, and whether or not the elderly should take MDMA. Ron also unearths his collaborative track with Grandmaster Flash from 1983, and this is the only place you ‘ll hear it! Because it never made it to radio. ‘

If you ‘ve never dabbled in EDM before, take this as a sign that you should. Dillon Francis ‘ upcoming mixtape, Magic Is Real, Pt. 1 releases on October 2nd, and the full Magic Is Real mixtape releases November 15th. Until then, you can check out his singles “GO OFF (Nuthin ‘ 2 It) ‘ and “Bawdy ‘ ‘ both music videos are just as entertaining as the tracks themselves.

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