By: Sloane Hughes

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Someone Made Ads For “Crazy Rudy ‘s ‘ Law Office, In Case You Need A Lawyer

The current state of politics in this country is an absolute nightmare. The president has done so many things that are grounds for impeachment it would be impressive if it wasn ‘t so horrifying, and I don ‘t know what ‘s worse, the fact that he ‘s at the point now where he tweets vague threats about a civil war if he ‘s impeached or the fact that he genuinely wanted a moat full of alligators and snakes in front of his precious wall. Seriously, a moat?? Politics have always been the number one fodder for comedy, but it ‘s becoming harder and harder to find things to laugh about these days. And yet, there are people who still manage to make some truly funny shit inspired by the Trump administration, and if that isn ‘t a testament to human resilience I don ‘t know what is.

With the way things are going, it ‘s looking like everybody connected to Trump who isn ‘t going to be in jail is definitely going to be in need of another job soon, and one thoughtful individual is already helping with their future careers.

Yesterday inside a New York City subway, ads were spotted for Rudy Giuliani ‘s new private law practice ‘


This bona fide legal service promises quality BACK-CHANNEL DEALS! from a man who HAS NO SHAME! and the best part about all of this, is it ‘s definitely the most honest thing to ever have Rudy Giuliani ‘s face attached to it.

Well, okay, there are actually three best parts, with that being the first. The second is that there is a website that ‘s actually operational, and the final best part is that the phone number included at the bottom of the ad IS LEGIT. IT ‘S A REAL NUMBER. I CALLED IT MYSELF AND EVERYTHING. Granted, it ‘s just a voicemail recording of someone blaring “YOU HAVE CALLED THE LAW OFFICES OF CRAZY RUDY! ‘ and the rest of the advertisement with a lot of unhinged enthusiasm, but you should definitely still call it. It ‘s worth it.

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