By: Ron Burgundy

Article by Sloane Hughes

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Ron Burgundy Talks The Stanley Cup And The Future Of Buying Cars

Ron has been doing a bit of light reading lately, specifically a little book you might not be familiar with, called How to Win Friends and Influence People, but you ‘ll probably see it everywhere soon ‘ Ron feels like it ‘s going to be a big hit. The book explains that in order for people to love you, you have to genuinely take interest in others, which is why Ron ‘s been so fixated on whether or not Carolina ‘s nose is real. ‘

Speaking of folks who know how to win friends and influence people, the first guest on today ‘s podcast is Scott Painter, long-time car enthusiast and CEO of Fair. Nobody likes spending time at car dealerships, and it ‘s the year 2019 so why the heck are we still doing it? That ‘s the problem that Scott wanted to solve, and that ‘s why he created Fair.

Scott explains that Fair lets you get a car right from your phone, and without a certain credit score or even a car loan. He and Carolina also explain that Ron is not going to get a free car. Ron has a lot of follow-up questions, like can you get a cool, sexy vintage car on Fair? Do people who use the app miss those flailing inflatable tube-people and giant inflatable gorillas that are in actual dealerships? Can Ron have one of those gorillas?

After discussing cars and how much Ron hates that new car smell, it ‘s time to switch gears and get into sports. Specifically, the NHL. And even more specifically, the Stanley Cup, which is right there in the studio with Ron and Carolina, and is accompanied by its caretaker Mike Bolt.

The Stanley Cup is the oldest trophy in the world of sport, and Mike can attest to the fact it ‘s so revered that some NHL players who haven ‘t won the Cup refuse to touch it, even retired players who ‘ve never won the championship won ‘t take pictures with it, and it ‘s so respected that Mike has to handle it with particular white gloves. Ron asks about the life of the Stanley Cup, what does it get up to? Where has it been? Who has partied with it? And Mike details the Cup ‘s adventures, covering everything from partying with Rush and Wayne Newton, to babies being baptized in it. ‘

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