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90 ‘s Kids Rejoice: Will Smith ‘s Dropping A ‘Fresh Prince ‘ Clothing Collection

At this point I think it ‘s pretty fair to say that we ‘re all fed up with the amount of remakes and reboots of old (sometimes actually fairly new) movie and TV franchises that have been pumped out over the last few years, however I also think that there ‘s still definitely a lot to be said for the power of nostalgia and we shouldn ‘t let a few (dozen) bad remakes ruin our love of looking back and reminiscing. Remembering the 80 ‘s and 90 ‘s is fun! And we don ‘t need new, overly CGI ‘d versions of classic shows in order to enjoy them in 2019.

Sometimes all we need is some sweet, sweet merch.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was one of the most iconic series of the 1990 ‘s and I bet we can all still rap the entire theme song to this day, and Will Smith is about to bring back Fresh Prince in a way the people truly need and deserve.

Get ready for Bel-Air Athletics ‘ the unisex clothing collection that 90 ‘s kids have only dreamed of.

Courtesy of Complex
I could cry

The collection features 26 pieces that are largely inspired by Will ‘s high school attire, but it also includes accessories like hats, socks, a gym bag, a basketball, and most importantly that dope reversible Academy track jacket.

In other words, basically everything you ‘ve ever wanted.

Bel-Air Athletics drops October 14th (TWO WEEKS AWAY!!) and you can check everything out on the official site.

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