By: Sloane Hughes

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These Crocheted Halloween Costumes Are So Goddamn Cool

Halloween isn ‘t an international holiday, but in the places around the world where it is celebrated, most of us have had pretty similar experiences ‘ the most common shared experience that truly binds us all together is, of course, homemade costumes. We all grew up walking by Halloween storefronts or seeing advertisements that showcased the latest and greatest costumes of our favorite superheroes, villains, TV characters and movie characters, animals, or professions, and every single year most of our parents told us the same thing: “We can just make that costume! ‘


Not to discount all the hard work that parents put into their kids costumes, if I ever have kids I am absolutely doing the same thing because paying $70 for goddamn Harry Potter robes and a wand is insane, but as the kid it can feel like the biggest bummer of all time.

Some homemade costumes actually kick major ass though, way more than any store bought one. Like these costumes, which were entirely crocheted and are mind blowingly detailed.

They were crocheted by a RIDICULOUSLY talented woman named Stephanie, and you can check out all of her work here.



Pennywise the Dancing Clown




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