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You Can Stay In A Lisa Frank Hotel Room And Uh, Wow

The 1990 ‘s was a decade defined by many things, but whether you ‘re talking about The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or terrible-but-so-good-but-still-terrible candy or creepy electronic toys, one thing unifies all of them: ridiculously bright colors. The color palette of the 90 ‘s was blinding, and no one person captured it as perfectly as Lisa Frank. I ‘m sure even just reading her name has sent LSD-esque flashbacks of neon rainbows and pink clouds with sparkly diamond stars. If you weren ‘t an elementary school-aged child in the 90 ‘s, don ‘t worry ‘ you can experience all the wonder that was Lisa Frank right here in the year 2019.

Because there is a whole-ass Lisa Frank themed hotel room coming this weekend. has taken over the penthouse suite of the Barsala Flats located in Downtown Los Angeles and given it a bright and shiny 1990 ‘s makeover. The room is only available from October 11 (this weekend, hello) through to October 27, so if you feel inclined to shell out $199/night to stay in this manifestation of a 10-year-old girl ‘s dream room circa 1993, you ‘d best get on it.

Although one night will probably be sufficient, I don ‘t know how much sleep you ‘d be able to get in this room, because wow.

Oh, oh yeah ‘ it ‘s stocked with a shit ton of that aforementioned terrible-but-so-good-but-still-terrible candy.

Holy mama that is a bright room

Okay… I friggin ‘ love those ballerina bunnies though.

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