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Ron Burgundy And Brooke Shields Discuss Modeling, Studio 54, And More

Ron ‘s in a particularly good mood to start off the podcast, because he ‘s just had a full back wax. This was an especially great wax job, because as you may or may not know, those kinds of services usually go for around $75 to $100, but Ron ‘s was only $4! Granted it was done at an auto repair and bird breeding shop and he has been bleeding for about a day now.

After bragging about his extremely professional back wax, it ‘s time to introduce the guest for today ‘s episode. A guest who started her modeling career at 11 months old, who started acting at 12 years old, who became the youngest model to appear on the cover of Vogue, the most famous teenager in the world, and is a true American icon: Brooke Shields.

Ron also dabbled in modelling, specifically for Virginia Slims cigarettes, which might seem odd since Ron is a man, but he, like Brooke, was ahead of his time. He dives right into the questions, starting at the very beginning: What was Brooke ‘s first modelling gig that made her go, “Wow, I ‘m a real model ‘? How does she view femininity? Did she actually have to buy a shirt with her own face on it, even though it had her own face on it??

Next, Brooke discusses what it was like being a part of the famed Studio 54 crowd, and Ron discusses what it was like to be turned away from Studio 54 and resort to Studio 52, which is where Ed Koch used to cut a rug. And opposite from the disco club life, Ron and Carolina have a few questions about Brooke ‘s time at Princeton, like what prompted her to go to college at the height of her career? What was life like before and after attending college? When people undermine her, does she ever want to scream, “Fuck you I went to Princeton ‘?

Every question you ‘ve ever had about Brooke Shields and more are answered in this episode of The Ron Burgundy Podcast.

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