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We Have A Pretty Crazy ‘Zack Morris Is Trash ‘ Update

We now know that there are an endless number of reasons why Zack Morris of Saved By the Bell is trash.

Well, maybe not an endless number, but since there are 86 episodes there ‘s at least that many reasons. So you might be wondering why this season of Zack Morris is Trash is only four episodes, then. And that ‘s a fair question, and luckily it has a great answer. ‘

As you may or may not know, Saved by the Bell is getting a 2019 reboot. ‘

We are very excited to announce that the creator, narrator, and purveyor of hard truths behind Zack Morris is Trash and A Very Special Episode, Dashiell Driscoll, will be a writer for that reboot! ‘

So this season of Zack Morris is Trash isn ‘t over, it ‘s just on time out.

ZMIT will be returning next year with new episodes and new trash, and in the meantime, be sure to wish Dash the best of luck! We can ‘t think of anyone better to join the new generation of Saved by the Bell writers. ‘

Check out all the episodes of ZMIT here, and pop on over to our store to pick up ZMIT merch here!

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