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Check Out The Making Of SNL ‘s ‘Grouch ‘ Sketch

Since it first debuted at film festivals in Toronto, New York, and Venice back in September, the buzz around Joker has not stopped, and it has thoroughly divided critics and the general public alike. The controversial movie has spurred a lot of questions from viewers, and the one that ‘s been most frequently repeated seems to be, “Is this really the kind of film we need right now? ‘ Which is a big question with a myriad of possible answers.

Saturday Night Live didn ‘t come in to answer that question, but rather, pose another. On the long list of possible dark anti-heroes, I ‘m sure the absolute last figure any of us expected to see was one from Sesame Street. So the question that SNL asks us all is, does Oscar the Grouch really need a gritty origin story?

No. The answer is decidedly no.

But (luckily for all of us, because it ‘s fucking hilarious) SNL did it anyway.

The sketch titled “Grouch ‘, which was without a doubt the highlight of the entire episode, was featured in October and starred the evening ‘s host, David Harbour, as the eponymous gritty muppet anti-hero, along with a slew of other muppets-turned-Gotham-scum. Everybody absolutely killed it, including the editors who nailed the tone of the Joker trailer to a goddamn TEE. David Harbour as a societal outcast with a chip on his shoulder who lives in a garbage can is now my favorite thing on this earth, and I gotta be honest, I know it ‘s a parody but I ‘d probably pay to see this movie in theaters.

And now, the fine folks at Saturday Night Live have given us an extra special gift ‘ a behind-the-scenes look at just how this fantastic sketch got made.

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