By: Sloane Hughes

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Dog Locks His Owner Out Of His Car While Cows Watch

Locking yourself out of your car: It hasn ‘t happened to everybody, but if you ‘re one of the unlucky folks who has experienced this, then you know there ‘s really nothing else than can make you feel quite as dumb. But what if it wasn ‘t your own blunder? What if you were locked out of your car by your most trusted companion… your own dog?

Unfortunately for Tadhg Fleming (but very fortunately for the rest of the internet) he had the chance to live through that hypothetical.

Tadhg hails from Kerry, Ireland, with his dog Otis, and one fateful day, he left his car running and quickly hopped out to lock a few gates, with Otis inside. While Tadhg was outside of the car, his dog stepped on the ‘lock doors ‘ button on the middle console.

Yes ‘ Otis locked his human out of his running car.

And while Tadhg was trying to figure out how to get back in, the cows in the field next to his car “heard the commotion ‘ and decided to watch the whole thing go down. So not only was this poor guy locked out of his car by his own dog, he had an audience.

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