By: Sloane Hughes

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Someone Actually Used A “McLovin ‘ ID At A Bar

Fake IDs aren ‘t a new or novel idea by any stretch of the imagination, and they ‘ve been used countless times in movies and television for every reason under the sun, from the standard trying-to-get-booze-for-a-high-school-party-because-you-gotta-be-cool ‘ la Dazed and Confused, to trying-to-vote-underage-because-you ‘re-an-overly-responsible-virgin as seen in The Breakfast Club. However, there is one fake ID movie moment that shines above the rest, and I think we all know the one I ‘m talking about: McLovin.

Yes, Fogell in all his dweeby yet overly confident, spectacle-clad glory waltzing into a store and trying to pass himself off as a grown man from Hawaii named McLovin (not even a last name, just McLovin, like Cher or Seal) is the magnum opus of all cinematic fake IDs. In fact, it ‘s so iconic, it ‘s even inspired someone in real life.

Last Friday a 20-year-old man in Des Moines, Iowa was arrested on “alcohol related charges ‘ while leaving a bar in the early hours of the morning, and when asked to present identification, he pulled out a Superbad McLovin ID.

And judging by his mugshot I ‘d say this is just as hilarious to him as it is to everybody else.

Johnson County Sheriff ‘s Office

This is not a face of remorse, and honestly I don ‘t blame him.

However the best response to this has come from the man responsible for McLovin himself, Seth Rogen, who had just five, perfect words to say: My work here is done.

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