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Ron And Carolina Take America ‘s Calls

“Don ‘t talk to strangers ‘ is one of the first lessons any child learns from their parents, but as Ron quickly points out, mommy and daddy aren ‘t here so it ‘s time to open up the lines! Ron initially wants the theme for the episode to be confessions, but Carolina reminds Ron that asking people to criminals who got away with illegal activities is not the best of ideas, no matter how badly he wants to award the person with the best story tickets to Carolina ‘s niece ‘s high school theatre production.

So, the possible topics for discussion are then changed to: 1. Cheese, 2. Golfers from the 1970 ‘s, and 3. Wolf-dog hybrids. You might be thinking to yourself, “that ‘s a weird choice of topics, those things don ‘t even really have anything to do with each other, ‘ and, yes, that ‘s entirely true and a good observation.

Many people from all over this country call in for their thoughts on these subjects, and Ron and Carolina get to chat with folks from New York to Louisiana and everywhere in between, which means that Carolina gets a chance to flex her incredible accents skills and really show her range.

The cheese callers had a lot of thoughts and weigh in on big important questions like, how do they feel about fruit and cheese platters on dessert menus? Which is better, fresh parmesan or parmesan from those plastic tubs with the holes in the top? Goat cheese is delicious, sure, but should we trust it? Many things to consider.

The 1970 ‘s golf fans and Ron all agree that, man, the game of golf today sure isn ‘t what it used to be, and the sport could definitely use a return to the 1970 ‘s when the tournaments were just truly amazing. But what about the golfers? How do the golfers in this generation compare to their predecessors? ‘

And finally, the conversation surrounding wolf-dog hybrids really focuses on one major talking point: How does a dog owner handle with a local wolf that ‘s got the hots for their dog? Do you forbid their union? Do you encourage their love? Do you throw a weird party with all your neighbors? Ron and Carolina have a lot of thoughts. ‘

This episode of The Ron Burgundy Podcast was truly a delightful melding of the minds from all around this nation, and it ‘s unclear if any questions were really answered, but you ‘ll definitely be left pondering a whole lot of things you probably have never thought about before.

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