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Thank You, Paul Rudd, For Teaching Us How To Make Butts In Photos

Season 10 of Hot Ones kicked off with Shia LaBeouf attempting to tackle the gauntlet, dumping milk on his face, and giving the most heartwarming interview in the process. So it was honestly hard to imagine that they ‘d be able to deliver another episode that compared, but those wizards over at First We Feast have done it again. They got Paul Rudd.

Paul Rudd is one of the most beloved men in Hollywood, he ‘s as funny as he is sweet, and he ‘s probably immortal. (The man literally does not age.) Let ‘s be real, he ‘s pretty much perfect. However, it looks like he does have an Achilles heel, and it ‘s his tongue. When asked at the top of the interview how he feels about hot food, his mouth said, “I like spicy food! ‘ but his body said, “I am definitely in danger. ‘ Brave soldier.

The interview, for the most part, is exactly how you ‘d expect: Sean Evans is super thoughtful, Paul Rudd is incredibly charming, and he even flips the script for a while and asks Sean some pretty great questions about himself. At one point Paul literally talks about his love of tea and crumpets. They rate biscuits. It ‘s delightful.

And then things take a wonderful, wonderful turn.

Around 17 minutes in, Paul Rudd blesses us all with the gift of knowledge. Knowledge that none of us could have anticipated learning today, knowledge none of us knew we desired going into this video, but knowledge we all definitely, definitely needed.

Paul Rudd teaches us how to make it look like there ‘s a naked butt hovering over people when you take pictures of them.

The key is to bend your index finger and hold it very close to the lens at the top of the frame. It ‘s so simple! So simple and so beautiful!! AND IT DOESN ‘T EVEN END THERE.


We can all agree that Paul Rudd deserves every award he has and will receive for his acting chops, but goddammit, this man also deserves a Nobel Prize.

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