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Parents Dared Their Son To Wear A Hot Dog Suit To Picture Day

Adolescence is, objectively, the worst stage in everyone ‘s life. You either grow way too fast and feel awkward because you ‘re gangly and giant, or you don ‘t grow fast enough so you feel awkward because you ‘re still baby-faced while your friends all have Adam ‘s apples and are wearing bras. Middle school and high school is when everything sucks, and all teens and preteens want is freedom when it feels like everybody is trying to control them. Their mom, their teachers, their mom ‘s stupid boyfriend Greg, but they won ‘t BE controlled because NOBODY OWNS THEM, GREG, SO GET OFF THEIR BACK. YOU PUT A SPOILER ON YOUR 2000 HONDA ACCORD SO MAYBE YOU ‘RE THE ONE THAT NEEDS TO “DO SOME MATURING ‘, GREG. Ahem… anyway, independence and individuality is important for any young person, and the easiest thing to take control of is, of course, one ‘s own personal style. And each year there is one day, the most important of all days, when appearance matters most: picture day.

Picture day is either the worst or the best day of the year. Whether you look immaculate or your cowlicks will not stay down and you have mustard on your shirt, it ‘s going to be immortalized in a yearbook and 12 wallet-sized photos just the same ‘ so you better look fresh.

Or maybe not exactly “fresh ‘, but more… Uh… “Fresh off the grill ‘.

Picture day at a middle school in Maine was particularly special for one student, whose parents really wanted to make their son stand out. Usually when parents want to change their kid ‘s picture day wardrobe it ‘s because they ‘re wearing a green screen colored shirt or merch from their favorite band, the Butthole Surfers. But Jake Arsenault ‘s parents had a rather original thought in mind:

They dared their son to wear a hot dog costume for his school picture ‘


I don ‘t know what ‘s more heroic, the fact that these parents dared their preteen son to rock a hot dog costume in his yearbook picture “just to see if he would ‘, the fact that he actually took the dare, OR the fact that the school let it all happen. In any case, it ‘s great to see parenting and education done right.

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