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Extremely Committed Horse Plays Dead Every Time People Try To Ride Him

At some point in our lives, or more realistically at many points in our lives, we ‘ve all fibbed in order to avoid having to do a certain thing, whether it ‘s work, a family dinner, a lingering chore, or even just going to the gym. And humans aren ‘t the only ones who will fake sickness or drama if it means getting out of a less than enjoyable task, as we ‘ve seen, dogs will also attempt the old “oh no, I have fallen ill ‘ trick, and apparently, so will horses.

Just by looking at him, Jingang seems like your average horse. He is not, however, just like any other horse on his ranch. Jingang has some strong opinions about being ridden, and I don ‘t speak horse but I think the message he ‘s trying to send to his riders is that he ‘d rather be dead.

As soon as anyone gets a saddle on him, he dramatically collapses to the ground, sometimes with his feet in the air, and he ‘s so committed to playing possum that he even hangs his tongue out of his mouth. He ‘s definitely not going for subtlety. After the humans start to walk away he immediately stands up, but as soon as it looks like they ‘re going to try to get back on the horse (sorry) he falls back over and does the whole performance again.

It ‘s actually kind of impressive.

Look, man, Jingang just isn ‘t into the whole idea of lugging around humans on his back! And honestly, who could blame him? Keep it up Jingang.

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Posted by Frasisco Zalasar on Friday, October 4, 2019

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