By: Sloane Hughes

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Dr Phil Trying To Understand Internet Slang Is The Most Precious Thing

Language is always evolving, the age of the internet, as anyone who has ever touched a computer will tell you, has helped create more new words and phrases than we even have time to go through right now. And trying to keep up with the latest lingo is difficult for a lot of people, perhaps like your mom or dad, or your grandma who calls Facebook “The Facebook ‘, oh, and also Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil has been on television screens across the world for over two decades and has sat down and talked to people from all walks of life about all sorts of problems, including Bhad Bhabie, aka the “cash me outside ‘ girl. But apparently, just because Dr. Phil ‘s show has been the birthplace of memes doesn ‘t mean he ‘s not confused by the language of the internet. Because he definitely is.

Like, he actually made a video about it.

In a video that looks like all of our fathers when they ‘re attempting FaceTime, Dr. Phil called on his audience to help him understand a few words and phrases he ‘s seen in the comments on his videos.

It ‘s… it ‘s just so wholesome.

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