By: Sloane Hughes

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Trump, Bigly Smart, Wants A Border Wall In Colorado, Which Isn ‘t On The Border

At this point in the administration we ‘ve learned a great number of facts about Trump that we can all agree are irrefutable, with many of those facts being filed under “Very Basic Concepts He Does Not Grasp ‘. A list which, if you were to turn into one large encyclopedia, would have chapters like,
I. Windmills: What They Do (Harness Power) and What They Don ‘t Do (Cause Cancer) ‘
II. The Moon and How It ‘s Definitely Not Part of Mars
III. Sharpie-ing a Chart Doesn ‘t Make You Right
IIII. Will Nukes Stop Hurricanes?: An Introduction to Weather
IIII. A Comprehensive List of Words on Third Grade Spelling Tests

And as of this week, we can add another chapter to this ever-growing book of insanity,

V. Basic American Geography

President Trump visited Pittsburgh and during yet another rambling speech about the border, he said that he ‘s going to win in New Mexico because he ‘s going to build a wall along their border, and along the border of Colorado. Yes. Colorado. Please, join me in unpacking this.

Colorado is, and I cannot stress this enough, in the center of this country.

So Trump ‘s grand plan is to build a border wall in a state that does not touch the border.


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