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This Cat ‘s Treadmill Effort Is At Level Zero And I Love Her

Your life and your dog ‘s life are very different in a lot of ways, for example, your dog doesn ‘t have to go to work everyday and send emails and pay bills, and you don ‘t feel compelled to howl every time you hear an ambulance. Or maybe you do, but hopefully not because that ‘s kind of weird. However there are certain aspects of life shared by all sorts of species on this earth, and unfortunately a lot of them have to do with aging and aren ‘t very fun. Things like waking up sore for no reason, or one day discovering that your knee just makes a sound every time you step now, or finding it a little (a lot) harder to shed extra pounds. And when it comes to the latter, for humans and domestic animals of all kinds, that can often mean only one dreaded thing: it ‘s time to start hitting the gym.

Cinderblock is a cat who 1. is perfectly named, and 2. knows all about the struggles of starting a doctor-ordered exercise regimen.

She is, without using technical veterinary terms, a mighty big chonker.

A cat with this much extra tub is a cat with strained organs and joints, so to help her get somewhere in a healthy weight range, her vets put her on a new diet and exercise plan which includes water aerobics ‘ aka a treadmill filled with water which she is supposed to take some nice wading walks along. Supposed to.

But Cinderblock does not care for this. AT ALL.

Instead of walking, during her first encounter with water aerobics Cinderblock sat at the end and used a single paw to bat along the treadmill as it moved, while staring up and meowing at the people monitoring her.

In other words, the lady doth protest.

After the vet clinic posted this video on their Instagram page it took over the internet almost instantly. Not only because this is frankly adorable, but because hey, Cinderblock, we totally get it. Solidarity, girl.

Luckily for everyone who has now fallen in love with this chunky girl (the whole internet) you can now track Cinderblock ‘s progress on her vet ‘s Instagram.

(And she ‘s even mastered the treadmill now)

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