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This Therapist Helps Solve Your Innermost(child) Problems

This Halloween, your favorite Horror movie stars are all together for the first time… Jason, Freddy, Chucky, Leatherface, Pennywise, Michael Meyers and more… in group therapy… as puppets. ‘ ‘

In TRICK OR TREATMENT, Dr. Calman, an unorthodox therapist, invites clients with killer personalities to remove their masks and let their healing journey begin. You ‘re only as sick as your secrets! ‘

Healing starts when we remove the masks.

Matty Austin and Dan O ‘Brien present: Trick or Treatment.
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Everybody deals with mental health, we all have someone we know and love who struggles with mental health issues. ‘But what if they were your favorite childhood storybook characters? ‘

While movie and television studios continues to profit off these lovable creatures, some people are left to pick up the pieces. People like Dr. Calman.

He ‘s the guy on the frontlines, helping Winnie the Pooh positively handle his body dysmorphia every time he eats a sandwich. We can all breathe a sigh of relief knowing that he ‘s there coaching Kanga along since Kanga actually can ‘t stand Roo ‘s “squatter ‘ lifestyle.

Or that Eeyore ‘s clinical depression is not running away from him. ‘

Or that Rabbit ‘s sex addiction isn ‘t running amok at the workplace.

These problems and more Dr. Calman tackles while he speaks with his these stars of the silver screen. And, as Dr. Calman points out, thought “the spotlight can be tough, it ‘s not just humans that need healing. ‘

Check out the first episode of “Healing Old Wounds ‘ below:

Healing Old Wounds

While movie studios profit off of lovable storybook characters from our youth, some people, like Dr. Walter Calman are left to pick up the pieces.

Remember: when you heal yourself, you heal the whole world.


This hilarious journey is being brought to you by the team of Hot Sausage Productions, ‘aka Matty Austin (@spiritual_pirate) and Dan O ‘Brien (@danobrienusa), an imprint of Black Rocking Chair Inc., and you can follow more of their series “Healing Old Wounds ‘ at the Hot Sausage Productions YouTube channel.

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