By: Funny Or Die

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Making Plans + Your Friends ‘ Schedules = A Lot Of MATH

Making plans with friends is the new rocket science.


Directed by Kris Theorin
Written by Kurtis Theorin
Produced by Amy Theorin

Lead Character- Lukas Jacob
Office Worker- Manny Houston
Athletic Woman- Christina Colgan
Couch Potato- Ricky Herrera
Artsy Woman- Tess Tregellas

Barbershop Quartet- Under A Rest A Cappella (Bram Baumstein, Spencer Camacho, John Bilcik, Alex Schmidt)

Below The Line:
DP- Kris Theorin
Line Producer- Amy Theorin
Assistant Camera/Grip- Jay Miller Hair/Make Up- Alfreda Howard
On Set Sound- Nick Angeloni
Sound Design- Kris Theorin
Editing- Kris Theorin
Production Coordinator- Jamie Kleman
Original Music- Nick Angeloni
PA- Nik Theorin

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