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Should Coffee Shop Guests Just Hang Out All Day?


Is it the owners? Or the guests?

The owners, who ‘re obviously on the business paperwork and own it by law clearly own it’but do they OWN IT own it? Because without the customers ‘ who are the life blood of the place ‘ the coffee shop wouldn ‘t exist at all.

The fact is it ‘s both. But there is a certain etiquette. While coffee shops can be wonderful spots for all types ‘ whether you ‘re a freelance writer, artist, graphic designer, poet, teacher, or just a person looking for a moment of shelter ‘ they ‘re also places that are trying to cultivate a special vibe. And that vibe can get all messed up if laptop hobos with packed lunches are sucking up all the WiFi, table space, and oxygen in the place as they set up their own special office-on-the-road.

The staff at Black Coffee Cafe have a solution. Hit ’em where it hurts. But do they go too far?


Directed By
Destorm Power

Written By
George Khouri
Joshua Triplett
Boomer Mobley
Kevin Kimmel
Dwayne Colbert

Executive Producer
Joshua Triplett
George Khouri
Boomer Mobley
Kevin Kimmel

Executive Producer ‘
Chris Michael

Executive Producer ‘
David Saint

Based on the original pilot “Black Coffee ‘ by George Khouri

Main Cast
Reggie Couz (@reggiecouz) as Anthony
Jean Robert (@jeanrobert) as Travis
Iman Crosson (@alphacat) as Malcolm
Jennah Brittany (@missjaydmv) as Crystal
Joshua Triplett ‘(@jtripnation) as Beachum

Supporting Cast
Zack Kozlow as Michael
Ariana Sanchez as Latina Sabrina
Marlon Webb as Lettuce Wrap Larry
Deshae Frost as Jessie ‘
George Khouri as Dashik

Isaiah Brown as Nervous Customer ‘
Keith Cherry as Neighbor
Zineb Zolghadr as Girl on Phone

Principle Photography
Director of Photography – Miko Dannels ‘
1st AD – Miko Dannels
2nd AD – Malik McCrea
1st AC – Tom Funk
2nd AC – Kevin Pontrelli
Gaffer – Joel Stout
Key Grip – Matt Felly
BBE – Ben Bowen
BBG – Chaz Moore
Sound Mixer – Jake Voelzke
Production Assistant 1 – Tyson Prince
Production Assistant 2 – Cece Gardner
Hair & Makeup – Qiana Chase
Wardrobe – Marquita Lopez
Barber – Don Johnson
Set Photography – Jeremy David

Post Production ‘
Editor – Boomer Mobley ‘
Color Grade – Miko Dannels
Sound Design – Jake Voelzke
Original Music Composer – Johnny Thomas Jr. ‘

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