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Giant Dog ‘s Need For Cuddles Is Stronger Than Any Recliner

The sky is blue, no matter what the forecast says if you actually remember to take an umbrella with you it won ‘t rain, and dogs are good ‘ these are just the facts of life. If you think dogs aren ‘t good or only some dogs are good or cats are better than dogs, you ‘re allowed to have an opinion but those opinions are wrong and you are wrong. Dogs are so good, their nickname is literally “man ‘s best friend ‘. That ‘s like, an unquestionable degree of good. Name me one other thing that has a reputation that solid. You can ‘t.

Dogs love us so friggin ‘ much and are just so goshdarn happy to see us that sometimes they can ‘t even contain it. Dogs will literally do backflips when you pick them up from daycare or when you come home after work. I have never even come close to being so excited about someone ‘s presence that I needed to do a backflip. Dogs also sometimes forget their surroundings or how big they are or things like the laws of physics and cause-and-effect, which is understandable because they ‘ve got other important things on their mind I ‘m sure.

But when you combine Dog Level Enthusiasm with Zero Self Awareness, you get things like this:

A very large boy with a lot of love to give and a recliner that was definitely not prepared to receive it.

Herbert decided to jump up on the recliner with daddy…Oh Herbert

Posted by Marybeth Parker on Sunday, November 3, 2019

Herbert is, as you can see, more of a pony than a dog. So cuddling isn ‘t always easy when you are that large, but recliners should really just be anchored to the ground so I don ‘t think he ‘s really to blame here. Herbert actually did his human a favor and made him extra reclined, which looks quite comfortable.

Excellent work, thank you Herbert.

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