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This Cat Loose On The Field Is The Only Football Player I Care About

I ‘m prepared to get a bit (a lot) of hate for this, but as far as sports go, football is okay. It ‘s a sport that is both indoors and out of doors so you get to feel extremely cramped with other people in a confined space but you also get rained on or snowed on. It ‘s played in the worst months of the year (see again: rain and snow). It has too many rules. So yeah, football is just okay. My family are all Patriots fans, I was raised in a Patriots household, we have no ties to New England, I ‘m not even American, but because my dad is a Pats fan and his dad is a Pats fan I too am a Pats fan, as is law. But although on paper my loyalty lies with New England, I truly do not mind if they lose. (Sorry dad). Through and through, I really just feel okay about football.

However, I felt far, far beyond just okay during yesterday ‘s Cowboys versus Giants game, because this was no ordinary game of football.

There was a cat.

Apparently cats live in the MetLife Stadium. This is new information to me, I had never considered cats living in the MetLife Stadium, or any stadium. These just aren ‘t things you think about, but I ‘m delighted to have this knowledge now. Usually the cats wait until after the games to come out of hiding from wherever they hide, and once the stadium empties they hang out in the bleachers and people even feed them.

But one cat ventured out onto the field while the game was live, effectively putting everything on hold while both teams, the stadium crowd, and thousands of viewers at home watched and waited for the cat to go about its cat business ‘ and he did not disappoint.

Sprinting down the field in a stunning display of agility, he crossed the 2-yard line and it looked like he was going to go all the way, but once he had the crowd and sportscasters fully energized and cheering him on ‘ he paused dramatically. Just before the endzone, he took a moment to look behind him as if waiting for another player to help finish the play, then eventually realizing this was all on him, and with minutes to spare in the second quarter, completed his one-cat touchdown.

The crowd erupted. I stood up and cheered in my living room. ESPN praised his “great lateral movement ‘. The Cowboys beat the Giants afterward but who the hell cares.

There was a cat on the field.

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