By: Sloane Hughes

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Someone Used Trump ‘s Tweets For Supervillain Comics And It ‘s So Perfect

Remember when the president of the United States saying “where wings take dream ‘ was the most batshit thing we ‘d all ever heard? Remember when Twitter wasn ‘t a pillar of the presidency and we didn ‘t have to read tweet rants that become more unhinged with each passing day? Ah, those were such good times, and unfortunately we are well past that. But one rather inventive individual has figured out a great way to at least have some fun while the crazy train that is Trump ‘s Twitter feed is still going full steam.

We ‘ve seen Trump tweets as hilarious sandals, and now one anonymous Twitter user has put 45 ‘s online ramblings into a whole new, equally amazing context: supervillain dialogue.

The account, called President Supervillain, inserts Trump ‘s tweets and other quotes into classic comic book panels featuring the Marvel Nazi villain, Red Skull.

Pretty fitting, no?

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