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Dance With Glee To Modern Ennui Thanks To This Delightful Song

Call it an ode to riding in a car with one stranger to meet another stranger. On the one hand, “Uber Tinder ‘ makes you marvel at the wholesale melding of personal space with branded tech, and on the other hand, it ‘s just some good, chaotic fun… with multicolored unitards.

Created by X.X.T and Wet The Hippo.

X.X.T is: Psycho Flower MC + GR1M3Y-T + G3NR8TR


First it was Eat Sleep Dance Repeat.

Now it ‘s Uber Tinder Dinner Bed.

That ‘s what X.X.T. captures in their hypnotically catchy new song and music video “Uber Tinder. ‘ The Los Angeles-based group, described as “a sonic and visual sensory explosion inspired by surrealist art, technicolor dreamscapes, and one-of-a-kind experiential performances ‘ does the kind of lo-fi, DIY-feeling music videos that deliberately eschew the pretension of lavish and overly complicated videos that get in the way of why we ‘re even showing up to this thing: the music.

From mighty bangers to simpler musings, X.X.T. ‘s music is one part performance art and two parts actually, genuinely enjoyable performance art; and when accompanied by awkward dance moves that let us all just relax a little bit we get to not only think but, you know, have fun.

X.X.T. also do live shows featuring comedians, musicians, contortionists, dancers, and puppeteers. If you want to check out one of their shows ‘ DO IT. You won ‘t be disappointed.

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Wet The Hippo
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Created by X.X.T and Wet The Hippo.

X.X.T is: Psycho Flower MC + GR1M3Y-T + G3NR8TR

Wet The Hippo is:
John Gilkey
Max Baumgarten
Amrita Dhaliwal
John Norris
Kevin Krieger
Claire Woolner
Lucia Brizzi
Meera Rohit Kumbhani
Chad Damiani
Ian Bratschie

Directed by: Timothy Nordwind and John Gilkey
Edited by: Elena Flores
Cinematography by: Jean-Paul Bonneau
1st AC: Jay Dallen
Gaffer: Darryl Walthall
Key Grip: Christian Janss
G&E Swing: Craig Boydston
Styling and Art Department: Sakura Bready
Wardrobe and Set: Jarina De Marco
Set Design: Jared Whitham
Production Manager: Anna Lodej
Set Technician: Ian Beeuwkes
Sound: Bryan Berge
Coloring by: Jordan Levy and Jean-Paul Bonneau
Choreography: X.X.T and Wet The Hippo
Filmed at: 1 Big Stage Glendale
Sound mixed by: Dan Konopka

A very special thanks to: John Gilkey, Sethward Allison, Brian Berge, Steven Chen, Two Bit Circus, Jordan Levy, Daniel Marks, Funny Or Die, Flaunt, Jeff Lunjas, Bj Panda Bear, Sakura Bready and all sharing economy and dating phone applications.

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‘ X.X.T Music 2019

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