By: Sloane Hughes

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Gordon Ramsay ‘s Most Hilarious Insults Ever

Gordon Ramsay is a world renowned, Michelin star-awarded chef, restaurateur, author, and television personality, but let ‘s be real, it ‘s not his cooking that he ‘s best known for ‘ it ‘s his completely hilarious, devastating insults. I used to watch Hell ‘s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares all the time when I was younger and I honestly cannot remember a single dish he ever prepared, but I remember dozens and dozens of times where he perfectly roasted and served people on his shows.

Today is Gordon Ramsay ‘s 53rd birthday, and I don ‘t know of anyone who would even dare baking him a birthday cake on the very likely chance that Ramsay would decide to take a bite out of them instead, so let ‘s celebrate this icon in a way he would definitely appreciate ‘ and in a way that keeps everyone safe ‘ by looking back on some of his best, most memorable digs ever.

His poetic descriptions of terrible food knows no bounds

He ‘s certainly motivational

He ‘s got a knack for the dramatic

And this, of course, is the best insult of all time

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