By: Sloane Hughes


Comedians Gave Don Jr. ‘s Book A New Title And It ‘s Hilariously Perfect

In case you missed it, Donald Trump Jr. recently came out with a book, because I guess they ‘ll let anybody write one these days, but so far this hasn ‘t been a great venture for Junior, so maybe there is some justice in the world. In his book he compared the “sacrifices ‘ his family has had to make during his father ‘s presidency to literally dying in battle, so happy Veteran ‘s Day y ‘all, and he also alleges that the left is the enemy of open debates and free speech, which is pretty interesting considering that he was just heckled out of a book reading by his own supporters because he refused to take questions.

What ‘s that old saying about stones and glass houses? Hmm.

Don Jr. being heckled mercilessly by his fans 20 minutes into an event that was supposed to be 2 hours long is total poetry, but amazingly, that ‘s not even the best thing to happen since his book debut. A comedy duo out of New York called The Good Liars made headlines and spurred a whole lot of laughs back in October when they created satirical subway ads for “Crazy Rudy ‘s Law Office ‘, but this time the pair, Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler, have truly outdone themselves.

Don Jr. ‘s recent book is titled Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us, but The Good Liars decided to give the copies on display in one particular bookstore a makeover, donning them with new (and much improved) sleeves with the title Daddy, Please Love Me: How Everything I Do Is Try To Earn My Father ‘s Love.

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