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This Dog Stole Her Human ‘s Dentures And I Am In Tears

Dentures have been around since as early as the 7th century, and for good reason! They ‘re incredibly helpful medical devices that not only assist people with chewing, but also the ability to speak and providing support for other facial structures ‘ yeah, teeth are pretty important. Dentures, when thrown into situations they shouldn ‘t be in, are also inherently hilarious. That ‘s why they ‘ve been used as comedy relief in cartoons since, well, the beginning of cartoons. Like in the Disney feature Meet the Robinsons, when a Frank Sinatra-esque frog got ahold of a pair while singin ‘ some sweet tunes.


This, actually, isn ‘t that far fetched. Well, I mean, the idea of teaching a bunch of frogs to play instruments and wear suits and play swing music is pretty out-there, but an animal swiping some false teeth is definitely rooted in reality.

Don ‘t worry, I have proof.

Meet Maggie.

Maggie is a mixed breed pooch but is purebred adorable, and she lives with her human mom, Eunice. Eunice and Maggie live downstairs from Eunice ‘s parents, so everybody gets to hang out a lot, and Eunice ‘s parents watch Maggie for her while she ‘s at work. It ‘s a great family dynamic! One thing though: Eunice ‘s dad wears dentures. And one day last summer while he was taking a little nap, Maggie stole them.

Maggie stole human dentures.

When Eunice ‘s dad woke up and couldn ‘t find his dentures I ‘m assuming he was pretty confused, because we all would be, like dentures don ‘t just get up and walk away, unless they ‘re in a dog ‘s mouth.

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