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Commuters, Good News: We Now Have A Reason To Enjoy Traffic

Sitting in traffic is the hugest time suck of them all

At least other activities that “waste ‘ time give something back to you. With video games, you get good hand-eye coordination practice or have to problem solve (not to mention exercise self-control to not shout at teenagers teabagging your recently deceased avatar corpse). With social media, you can shop, get a quick update from a friend, or hate follow your ex. ‘

But sitting on your ass in traffic gives nothing back to you. It ‘s all take take take.

That ‘s where Alexander Greer comes in

The man, along with his GoPros, an iPhone and ‘hand-held mic is here to bring some revelry to your rush hour commute. Bedecked in suit and tie ‘ and a surprising willingness to put himself in harm ‘s way ‘ the host of Funny Or Die ‘s The Traffic Show hops in your car during the 5:00 mess that is bumper to bumper traffic, and turns your car into a talk show studio.

Along the way, he uncovers surprisingly insightful truths. Like “What ‘s inside your glovebox says a lot about you. ‘ Or “When picking up strangers, keep your protection items close by. ‘ Or “Artificial intelligence, which is inherently non-biological, will eventually gender identify. ‘

It is our sincere pleasure to introduce you to our first guest.

Hey, Internet, meet Kerry

The most important things to know about Kerry:

  1. She owns a 2015 Nissan Sentra
  2. She ‘s from Ciabatta Bread, Indiana
  3. She has nothing in her teeth

Wait, is that the freeway…

Oh shoot you ‘re getting on the freeway ‘ I don ‘t want to get on the freeway!! Aaaaaahhh!!!!!


Created, Produced, Directed, and Written by Alexander Greer and Joe Saunders
Production Assistant: Annie Mae Coleman

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