By: Sloane Hughes

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This Woman Used Colored Powder And Farts To Reveal Her Baby ‘s Gender

For some, there is nothing more exciting than becoming a parent. And if you successfully put a little bun in the oven, before it ‘s ready to come out, there ‘s a decision to make: to learn the sex of the baby beforehand or not? In the days of yore it used to be the doctor would tell you either in person or put that information in a little envelope so that you could open it at home, or they just wouldn ‘t tell you and it would be a surprise. Quaint! But as we all know now, things have changed a whole helluva lot.

NOW these reveals are grand spectacles that are basically a few contortionists away from Cirque du Soleil (or maybe some have even hired contortionists, I don ‘t know and I don ‘t care) which wouldn ‘t really bother me so much because, hey, y ‘know what man, live your life. If it ‘s a ploy that helps beef up your baby shower and get more people to show up and bring cooler gifts then more power to you. BUT! Gender reveal parties have proven to be catastrophic for the environment because, surprise surprise, people can ‘t be trusted with anything. So folks will set off their fireworks or throw their plastic confetti or explode a few smoke bombs and then just leave all their shit outside! Like, in parks and woods! Great world you ‘re leaving for your kids to inherit. God.

So my feelings towards gender reveal parties are less than positive ‘ until I saw this video.

This gender reveal is done, first of all, in the confines of this person ‘s own home. So right off the bat, kudos. This gender reveal, like most others, utilizes pastel colored powder in a display that is either pink (to denote a girl) or blue (to denote a boy), but there is a twist.

The mom-to-be put this powder on her own butt and then FARTED IT INTO THE AIR.

If you ‘re going to do a gender reveal, the only way it should be allowed is if you do something this friggin ‘ hilarious.

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