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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Is Officially Coming Back For SEASON 8!

There are a lot of shows out there these days, like a lot of shows, so many that most people (myself included) are to the point now where nobody even wants recommendations anymore, because everybody ‘s lists of Cool Shows To Check Out Sometime are several volumes long. But just because a whole lot of new series have popped up over the last decade doesn ‘t mean that they ‘re all winners, and on the opposite end of the scale, shows that are actually really good unfortunately have a pretty decent chance of getting swallowed up by all the other media out there these days, and one series that almost fell victim to this was Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

I know I just said nobody wants more suggestions for shows to watch but seriously, if you haven ‘t hopped on the Nine-Nine bandwagon yet you need to get on it. It ‘s equal parts hilarious and heartwarming, has amassed a huge fanbase, and boasts a score of 97% on Rotten Tomatoes ‘ but that almost wasn ‘t enough to keep the show alive. Back in 2018 Fox cancelled Brooklyn Nine-Nine after it ‘s fifth season due to steadily declining viewership, and people lost their minds. I may or may not have been one of them.

However the day after Fox made the announcement and crushed everyone ‘s souls, the heavenly angel that is NBC announced that they had picked up Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the series would live on to see season 6… and 7…

… and as of today, it ‘s been confirmed that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is getting an eighth season, babyyyyyyyyy!!!

Season 7 hasn ‘t even aired yet, so the fact that we ‘re guaranteed for season 8 is pretty amazing ‘ especially considering that for a moment it looked like we weren ‘t even going to see season 6.

It ‘s definitely not just the fans who are very aware of this fact and super grateful for the news today, check out the reaction from everyone at this table read.

Obviously season 8 is a ways off, but it ‘s happening and that ‘s all that matters!! In MORE good news, season 7 premieres on NBC, February 6.


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