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Just In Time for the Weekend, It ‘s Brunch B*tches

Two ladies. Multiple brunches. Eggs. It ‘s Brunch Bitches.


Brunch. Brunch is one of those things that can be so enjoyable but without a doubt attracts some of the most annoying assholes who walk the earth. There is just something about the luxury of the entire notion of brunch that leads to this: ooh, let ‘s sleep in; let ‘s have a lazy morning; let ‘s defy conventions and eat a meal that is between two other meals that is a combination of both of those meals, but with alcohol; yeah and we can just talk talk talk. Whenever you combine humans, alcohol, and talking, you inevitably get to see some stupid ogres that rise to the occasion.

Brunch, Bitches, takes aim at those ogres.

Two English ladies go out for brunch, catcall a man enjoying a bloody mary while a teething baby goes to town on an index finger, and then they become eggs.

That is just one moment from this super dope little show-within-a-video sketch compilation from Emily Seale-Jones and Nancy Zamit. Like a huge English breakfast, “Brunch, Bitches ‘ offers quite a bit in its five minute runtime, cramming in six sketches that run the gamut from a fitness freak making her friend feel bad to an indecisive diner that finally gets what she deserves.


Created by Emily Seale-Jones
Written by Emily Seale-Jones and Nancy Zamit
Directed by Emily Seale-Jones
Starring Emily Seale-Jones and Nancy Zamit
DOP Josh Trigg
Sound Will Grant

Additional Cast
Chris Neels ‘

Music by Isaac Pross ‘

Edited by Emily Seale-Jones

Sound Design Charlie Cristiani Focal Rythm Productions ‘

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