By: Sloane Hughes

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Roll Up To Thanksgiving Dinner In This RBG Print Top And Get Ready To Rumble

Thanksgiving is a time to come together with your family and friends, forget about work for a moment, put down your phones, and use that precious time with each other to get back to what ‘s truly important: getting kind of drunk very early in the day and fighting about politics. If there is one thing I can count on being thankful for every year, it ‘s the unabashed confidence a few glasses of merlot on an empty stomach at 3 o ‘clock in the afternoon gives me, so that I may yell things like “hey why the fuck do you hate poor people ‘ across the room at my uncle I see twice a year. That ‘s what the holidays are all about, being together physically, and changing the minds and hearts of literally nobody at the dinner table, not a goddamn person, but with fervor.

But why wait until you ‘ve said all your hellos? Why not get a jump start on reaffirming the fundamental differences between you and your subtly racist grandma before she even asks you to take your shoes off because the carpets were just washed a month ago?

This Thanksgiving, start the tension right at the door without saying a word with this charming Ruth Bader Ginsburg print blouse.

At first glance it looks just like standard leopard print which is sure to grab everyone ‘s attention and raise some eyebrows right off the bat, because, well, it ‘s leopard print, but once they take a moment to examine it closer is when you ‘ll really split the room.


Start your Thanksgiving right by letting everyone know immediately that yes, you are still just as much of a left-winger as you were last year, and yeah, memaw, we are going to talk about gender inequality and how bullshit the system is at some point in the evening, so buckle up.

The shirt costs $78.00, but being perfectly dressed to call your second cousin who never left your hometown a goddamn bootlicker is priceless.

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