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My Ex ‘s New Boyfriend Is Awesome (Take It Outside Episode 4)

As Park Ranger Collin shows our heroic foursome around the campgrounds, it ‘s pretty clear to everyone that he ‘s the coolest guy on the planet. Everyone except Chad. Which makes no sense, because Park Ranger Collin is clearly the coolest guy on the planet.

When Chad explains that his wife left him for Park Ranger Collin after he walked in on them having sex on their bedroom ceiling (elaborate suction cups were involved, it was very cool), we learn the strange set of circumstances that don ‘t make Collin any less cool, but maybe make Chad… more cool?


Director, Writer: ‘Neil Garguilo

Producer: ‘James Risolo

Executive Producer: ‘Darren Miller

Executive Producer: ‘Chris Michael

Executive Producer: ‘David Saint

Lead Cast

Chad LeBaron

Max Weisz

Dean Sharpe

Tommy Bechtold

Supporting Cast

Rebecca Edwards

Theresa Gumprecht

Ryan Stanger

Meridith McNeill

Marylynn Sienna


Director of Photography: ‘Sean Conte

Production Designer: ‘Elaine Carey

Editor: ‘Jeffrey McMahon

Associate Producer: ‘Patrick Stone

Costume Designer: ‘Emily Ting

Casting Director: ‘Riley Hamilton

1st Assistant Director: ‘Bryan Lake

2nd Assistant Director: ‘Richard Lee Dalton

Production Coordinator: ‘Ronnie Dezsi

Production Assistant: Charlie Thomas

Production Assistant: ‘Andrew Johnson

Production Assistant: ‘Carlynn De Joya

Production Assistant: ‘Sean McOmber

B/Cam Operator: ‘Austin Puckett

1st Assistant Camera: ‘Andy Huynh

1st Assistant Camera: ‘Aaron Kohn

2nd Assistant Camera: ‘Kate Ruthenbeck

DIT: ‘Max Parada

Camera PA: ‘Nolan Anderson

Camera PA: ‘Steven Miller

Gaffer: ‘Anthony Stivale

Best Boy: ‘Callum Barrass

Key Grip: ‘Philip Collins

Grip: ‘Nick Herman

BB Grip: ‘Sean McQueen

Electrician: ‘Zack Perez

Set Decorator/Propmaker: ‘Shannon Pollak

Set Dresser: ‘Sarah Lew

Set Dresser: ‘Theo Cohn

Set Dresser: ‘Brendan Sheley

Set Dresser: ‘Nick “Spooky ‘ Logie

Set Dresser: ‘Zach Miller

Props: ‘Samantha Villegas

Post Production Supervisor: ‘Aaron Talavera

Assistant Editor: ‘Jeremiah Williams

Assistant Editor: ‘Collin ‘Lapinsky

Wardrobe Assistant: ‘Sam Muglia

Script Supervisor: ‘Michael Hadge

Sound Mixer: ‘Ryan Agostino

Boom Operator: ‘Michael Alynick

HMU Supervisor: ‘Michelle Diaz

HMU Assistant: ‘Hajja Barnes

Park Monitor: ‘John Urback

SVP, Physical Production: ‘Jim Ziegler

Manager, Physical Production: ‘Carly Reeve

Head of HR: ‘Taylor Treadwell

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