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Someone Turned Trump ‘s Handwriting Into A Font… And It ‘s FREE

Trump is unlike any president the country ‘ and the world, frankly ‘ has ever seen. I ‘m not going to throw out all the examples, because we ‘re all well aware of the ways in which he ‘s baffled and astonished the nation, every time in the worst way possible, but I am going to focus on one particular thing that sets him apart from his predecessors.

Let ‘s talk about the way he takes notes.

It ‘s well known at this point that Trump does not know how to use computers, Twitter on his phone is pretty much the extent of his tech-skills, and we ‘ve all seen how he tweets so even that ‘s generous. Suffice to say, when the president needs to make notes, he doesn ‘t open up Microsoft Word, which is a shame because the little spell-checking paper clip would probably do him a lot of good. But that ‘s fine! Handwritten notes are probably the way to go for someone in that kind of position anyway, paper is a smidge less cumbersome than computers with printers, notebooks and pens are a necessity.

Except Trump doesn ‘t use note paper and pens.

Trump writes his notes with a fat Sharpie on loose sheets of printer paper or the complimentary pads of paper on his plane, y ‘know, as one does.

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Why even make the speech at that point? Why not just hold up the pad to the cameras like a guy at the airport trying to flag someone down with a handwritten sign he whipped up with whatever was in his car ‘s glove box?

This isn ‘t a new thing, that ‘s just the latest photo in a long series of instances where members of the press has captured his entire speech outline with literally no effort. At least this one doesn ‘t have any spelling mistakes, probably because he stuck to small words this time around. Smart move Donny, play to your strengths. Getting back on track here, Trump ‘s been taking notes and writing speeches in this fashion for so long, and there have been SO MANY readily available samples to work with, that Mark Davis, a graphic designer, actually created a Trump font… Two years ago.


Oh, and that ‘s not even the best part. He called the font Tiny Hand.

It ‘s… it ‘s just perfect.

You can download Tiny Hand right here, for any and all incoherent ramblings notes you need to make on official business or otherwise.

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