By: Sloane Hughes

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Bernie Sanders Interviewing Bernie Sanders Is Better Than Any Dem Debate

The road to a Democratic nominee for the 2020 presidential election has been a long and winding one, and we ‘re not even there yet, folks. This has been the largest pool of candidates in the history of the US, starting off with 27(!!) and currently down to 16, which is still so many candidates. And with that many people in the running, the competition for the spotlight and a chance to speak and actually be heard on and off the debate stage has been fiercer than ever. Even the November debate had a whopping 10 Democratic hopefuls.

Time ‘s ticking down and the primaries are rapidly approaching, so what ‘s the best way for the candidates to hone their debate skills and also have enough time to get their points across?

Well, it looks like… by having a conversation with themselves.

Sort of.

Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders sat down with “Bernie Sanders ‘ (who is actually comedian and podcast host James Adomian) to talk about his policies ‘ erm, THEIR policies? And other important things like how he, I mean they, measure the perfectly rumpled suit, and what they (he??) would say when facing off against Donald Trump on the debate stage.

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