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In Mexico, the word ‘palomitas ‘ means two different things

‘Buenos d ‘as! That ‘s Spanish for, “Good morning to everyone, except my ex, Jose, you cheating, lying sack of basura. I hope a burro kicks you in the face. ‘

My name is Miss Communication, and if you ‘re watching this, it means you ‘re as passionate about language as I am about maintaining healthy relationships with my exes.

Today ‘s lesson will demonstrate how one word can ruin your chances with the woman of your dreams.

Let ‘s travel to Mexico.


Director, Editor: ‘Mitchell Bisschop

Writer, Creator: ‘Tamara Yajia

Writer: ‘Ben Rosen

Producer: ‘James Risolo

Executive Producer: ‘Darren Miller

Executive Producer: ‘Chris Michael


Tamara Yajia

Ben Rosen

Lead Cast

Holly Tuggy

Carolina Levi

Nestor Tapia


Director of Photography: ‘Nolan Scott

Production Designer: ‘Elaine Carey

Production Manager: ‘Kaja Martin

Costume Designer: ‘Vanessa Gonzalez

Casting Director: ‘Riley Hamilton

1st Assistant Director: ‘Kevin Moon

B/Cam Operator: ‘Austin Puckett

1st Assistant Camera: ‘Ethan Brookins

DIT: ‘Jim Wills

Gaffer: ‘Daniel Martinez

Key Grip: ‘Arthur Reynolds

Set Decorator: ‘Samatha Villegas

Set Dresser: ‘Sarah Lew

Set Dresser: ‘Steven Smyka

Set Dresser: ‘Jonnie Prey

Post Production Supervisor: ‘Aaron Talavera

Assistant Editor: ‘Jeremiah Williams

Assistant Editor: ‘Collin ‘Lapinsky

Wardrobe Assistant: ‘Angela Trivino

Script Supervisor: ‘Michelle Zagorsky

Sound Mixer: ‘Clark Weldon

HMU Supervisor: ‘Jessica Leigh Schwartz

HMU Supervisor: ‘Jessica Verdon

HMU Supervisor: ‘Mel Daniel

HMU Assistant: ‘Vanessa Moreno

SVP, Physical Production: ‘Jim Ziegler

Manager, Physical Production: ‘Carly Reeve

Head of HR: ‘Taylor Treadwell

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