By: Sloane Hughes

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Lego Has Just Unveiled Their Own ‘Unbreakable ‘ Truck

Six years ago, super genius, self-proclaimed meme-lord, and decidedly very weird dude Elon Musk first proposed the idea of creating a “supertruck ‘, and last night in Los Angeles it was finally unveiled to the world. Like the vast majority of Elon ‘s creations, this truck ‘ Tesla ‘s first ‘ is very, very impressive. First of all it ‘s called Cybertruck, which, like… fuck yeah. As for the actual stats of the electric vehicle, it goes from zero to 60mph in 2.9 seconds, WHAT, and the starting price is $40,000. There ‘s just one little thing.

It ‘s, uhh, ugly as sin.

AFP via Getty Images
It looks like a car from an early PlayStation racing game, or like it just hasn ‘t finished fully loading yet.

Oh, Elon also stated that Cybertruck is bulletproof, pretty much indestructible, and to prove it he had Franz vol Holzhausesn, head of Tesla design, throw a giant metal ball the windows ‘ which then broke. Twice.

I think everyone ‘s reactions can be summarized by Elon ‘s own, which was, “Oh my fucking god. ‘

Cybertruck is an impressive step forward for electric vehicles in a lot of ways, respect where respect is due, but I mean… come on, we can ‘t just be expected to let the hilariously bad design and not-actually-bullet-proof-bullet-proof-glass slide.

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