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The Best Moments From Will Ferrell ‘s Five-Timer ‘SNL ‘ Episode

This weekend ‘s episode of Saturday Night Live was an extra special one that we ‘ve been looking forward to since it was first announced. This was Will Ferrell ‘s fifth time hosting since his departure from the show, and you know what that means ‘ he ‘s now a member of the exclusive Five-Timers Club! So we ‘d just like to take a moment to give the biggest of congratulations to Will, as well as say to all of you, our dad is way cooler than your dad.

For his induction into the Five-Timers Club, and to everyone ‘s delight and surprise, Will was joined by incredible fellow SNL alumni Rachel Dratch, Fred Armisen, Maya Rudolph, and Tracy Morgan, as well as celebrity guests Woody Harrelson, Alec Baldwin, Larry David, and Ryan Reynolds.

This episode packed a whole lot, but our favorite sketches were when Will entered the political realm ‘ on both sides of the fence.

Trump Impeachment Press Conference Cold Open

Alec Baldwin opened the show with his portrayal of President Trump that was, as always, almost too good (like, becoming Trump that many times has gotta do a number on one ‘s psyche), as he addressed the press on the White House lawn after Sondland ‘s impeachment testimony ‘ and was then joined by Sondland himself, played by Will Ferrell.

2020 Democratic Debate

If you didn ‘t get a chance to watch the actual Democratic debate, this sketch is a pretty spot-on recap of what went down. Kamala Harris (Maya Rudolph) was the “hello fellow kids ‘ Steve Buscemi picture incarnate, Joe Biden (Woody Harrelson) had everyone bracing for whatever unhinged and off-color (or on color) thing he ‘d say next, Elizabeth Warren (Kate McKinnon) exuded amped-up holiday mom energy, but the sketch ‘s MVP was definitely Will Ferrell, who totally nailed out-of-touch billionaire Tom Steyer ‘s dead-eyed stare and burning intensity that can only be described as severely unnerving.

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