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This Dog Being Forced To Take The Stairs Is So Dramatic, I Love Her

The best part about the holiday season is the food, which is also the worst part about the holiday season. November to January is pretty much just one giant carb-filled, gravy-covered blur, so to try and balance that out, it ‘s good to make little adjustments like, say, taking the stairs more. Which sounds easy enough, but one dog owner tried to put this into practice and so far it ‘s been an uphill battle ‘ literally and figuratively.

Nala is a very sweet husky, but the vet recently told her human, Aurora Angel Beste, that she ‘s, um, getting a little too husky. So, instead of taking the elevator each day when they come home, Aurora decided that they ‘d take the stairs, and Nala decided that she wasn ‘t having any of it.

Posted by Aurora Angel Beste on Monday, November 4, 2019

As you can see, the lady doth protest.

Posted by Aurora Angel Beste on Monday, November 4, 2019

To be fair, if I could handle my problems by simply pressing my face into a wall and choosing to ignore them, I definitely would.

I feel you, Nala.

It was a journey for everyone involved but eventually Nala conquered this flight of stairs, her own personal Everest, and apparently she ‘s gotten better since this first attempt, but is still begrudging about it. Apparently stairs still suck even if you have four legs to climb them with.

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