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The Best Way To Make Yourself Employee Of The Month

Every business with ‘Employee Of The Month ‘ does it differently

We get the basics of how it goes down: There you are, a valued person at the company, getting hailed as a workhorse without equal, with performance that blows your coworkers cappuccino foam to the winds. Some people hate it, some people love it. But one thing we know: no company does it the same way.

In some places you can find yourself basking in the warm, smiling faces of your bosses as they shower you in 24K gold bars, silk handkerchiefs, and/or yogurt. While in others, it is strictly a social boon ‘ the kind of recognition from your company that lets you stick it to your office rival, usually a person named Todd. Also: in some shops, we ‘re talking more moolah. East of the Rockies and west of the Potomac, it ‘s a check. But on the east coast, they go big: like a $50 gift card to Hobby Lobby. In all places of business, though, an employee of the month award WILL GET your crush to listen to your stories from basketweaving class at the local Elk Lodge.


ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, an employee of the month is chosen by a boss or manager or cabal of shadowy overlords. If you own the business, you can ‘t nominate yourself. That ‘d be crazy. But that ‘s exactly what Beachum does in this episode of Black Coffee. Once the staff questions this barista baron ‘s decision to nominate himself for the coveted honor, tempers flare until the only resolution becomes apparent: we gotta debate this.

So the gang at Black Coffee close up shop and take the debate stage to hash out the reasons why each should be Employee of the Month. Anthony (Reggie Couz), Malcolm (Iman Crosson), Travis (Jean Robert Toussaint), Crystal (Jennah Brittany), Beachum (Joshua Triplett), Black (Zack Kozlow), and Sabrina (Arianna Sanchez) lay out their cases. Can this debate find the true staff star or will their sly tactics turn them against each other?

In Black Coffee, the staff of a Black-owned coffee shop in D.C. try to turn their fledgling little coffeehouse into a hot bean water powerhouse ‘ if they could just get on the same page about how to do that. Can these newbie entrepreneurs grow up fast enough to keep pace with their dreams.


Directed By
Wes Armstrong

Written By
George Khouri
Joshua Triplett
Boomer Mobley
Kevin Kimmel
Dwayne Colbert

Executive Producer
Joshua Triplett
George Khouri
Boomer Mobley
Kevin Kimmel

Executive Producer ‘
Chris Michael

Executive Producer ‘
David Saint

Based on the original pilot “Black Coffee ‘ by George Khouri

Main Cast
Reggie Couz (@reggiecouz) as Anthony
Jean Robert (@jeanrobert) as Travis
Iman Crosson (@alphacat) as Malcolm
Jennah Brittany (@missjaydmv) as Crystal
Joshua Triplett ‘(@jtripnation) as Beachum

Supporting Cast
Zack Kozlow as Michael
Ariana Sanchez as Latina Sabrina

Principle Photography
Director of Photography – Miko Dannels ‘
1st AD – Miko Dannels
2nd AD – Malik McCrea
1st AC – Tom Funk
2nd AC – Kevin Pontrelli
Gaffer – Joel Stout
Key Grip – Matt Felly
BBE – Ben Bowen
BBG – Chaz Moore
Sound Mixer – Jake Voelzke
Production Assistant 1 – Tyson Prince
Production Assistant 2 – Cece Gardner
Hair & Makeup – Qiana Chase
Wardrobe – Marquita Lopez
Barber – Don Johnson
Set Photography – Jeremy David

Production Manager
Kaja Martin

Casting by
Joshua Triplett

Post Production ‘
Editor – Boomer Mobley ‘
Editor – Joshua Triplett
Color Grade – Miko Dannels
Sound Design – Jake Voelzke
Original Music Composer – Johnny Thomas Jr. ‘

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