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Show Your Pets The Serial Killer Depth Of Your Love With These Slippers

We ‘re officially in the holiday season, which, for a lot of us, means it ‘s time to start figuring out gifts for the people in our lives. I ‘m sure some of you reading this are thinking, “What?! It ‘s the end of November! I already did all my holiday shopping, ‘ to which I say, ooOOOooh, look who ‘s got their shit together, you ‘re better than us, we get it. Look, none of us try to put off shopping until the very last minute, but gifting is hard! It ‘s hard to figure out a present that is unique and personal and will make the person it ‘s for say, “Wow! ‘

I have some good news though. If you ‘ve got someone on your gift list who owns a pet or two, this may just be your answer.

We ‘ve all seen those custom-made blankets and socks and t-shirts that you can print your pet ‘s face on, and hey, all that stuff is fine, I ‘m not knocking it. But I think it ‘s time to kick things up a notch.

On that note, behold:

Pet slippers!

Cuddle Clones is a company that offers custom, handmade slippers based off of your pet ‘s likeness. They ‘re extremely realistic. Are they too realistic? Even uncomfortably realistic? Maybe. Will the pets they ‘re modelled after be absolutely and visibly horrified? Definitely.

Look at them. None of them are enjoying this.

This photo says “aww! ‘ but the dog ‘s eyes say “help me ‘

So, yeah, they ‘re a little intense, but one thing is for sure, this is a gift that will definitely make people say “UHH, WOW. ‘

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