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You Don ‘t Need Friends When You Have Side Dishes

You aren ‘t someone who holds grudges. You actively work hard on a daily basis to meditate and breathe and let go and all of that other stuff.

But how can you possibly forget last year when all of your friends revealed themselves to be not so giving by bailing on your Friendsgiving at the very last minute after you had prepared dozens of dishes customized for everyone ‘s dietary restrictions?!

This year, if you ‘re so done with that dramatic holiday season, then try this recipe for Primo Potatoes. With delicious melty cheddar cheese, sour cream, and hardwood smoked bacon, you ‘ll take one bite and realize that what you ‘re really thankful for is being alone. It ‘s much easier that way. Honestly, the comfort of inanimate objects should not be underestimated.

These Primo Potatoes are delicious and comforting.

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