By: Sloane Hughes

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Trump, Having A Normal One, Tweeted A Photo Of Himself As Rocky Balboa

It ‘s the day before Thanksgiving, many people are now enjoying a delightfully short work week, others took the whole week off, in any case, folks all over this country are getting ready to eat their way into a food coma tomorrow. So I, like the rest of you, woke up this morning feeling nice and relaxed and ready for a leisurely, probably uneventful day.

Silly me.

I foolishly expected a normal day, I let my guard down, and while scrolling through my phone over a cup of coffee, Twitter delivered a swift roundhouse kick to my jaw, then grabbed me by the shirt collar, pulled me in close, and said, “Surprise, motherfucker, shit is gonna get so goddamn weird. ‘

Just before 8am PST / 11am EST, President Trump tweeted a photoshopped and deeply, deeply cursed image of his head on Sylvester Stallone ‘s body from the 1982 classic Rocky III, with absolutely no context.

Yeah, sit with that for a minute.

Trump managed to ruin literally everyone ‘s day, coast to coast, before noon. Subsequently, he also ruined Rocky III and effectively destroyed Thanksgiving, possibly even Christmas. Who knows if we ‘ll have healed as a nation by then.

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