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Funny Or Die ‘s Best Holiday Sketches – Part 2

This magical time of year is about putting everyday life on hold and remembering the things that truly matter, like laughter and joy, and spending time with people you care about, and being able to semi-regularly eat five course meals and drink with reckless abandon free of judgement, and silently agreeing that chestnuts roasting on an open fire are actually kind of garbage, like they ‘re okay at best, but it sounds really lovely so roasted chestnuts are always going to be a thing. For real though, there ‘s no way anybody has actually enjoyed them since the 1930 ‘s. I digress. Anyway.

The holiday season is all about the spirit of giving.

So, because we love laughter and we love you all like family, we wanted to celebrate the holidays with a present that only a true family member would give ‘ a beautifully wrapped regift.

(We were going to crochet you all itchy sweaters but we didn ‘t want to step on memaw ‘s turf)

Here is part two of our most favorite Funny Or Die holiday sketches.

  1. The Thanksgiving Channel (2013)
  2. Santa? (2016)
  3. Five Golden Rings (2013)

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