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This Russian expression has two very different meanings

Zdravstvuyte! That ‘s Russian for, “Hello! I ‘ve had 10 bowls of borscht and it ‘s not even noon yet. ‘

I ‘m Miss Communication, and if you ‘re watching this it means you ‘re as passionate about language as I am about borscht. Today ‘s lesson will demonstrate the perils of misusing one word when talking to your roommate after a night partying at the Klub.

Let ‘s travel to Russia!


Director, Editor: ‘Mitchell Bisschop

Writer, Creator: ‘Tamara Yajia

Writer: ‘Ben Rosen

Producer: ‘James Risolo

Executive Producer: ‘Darren Miller

Executive Producer: ‘Chris Michael

Editor: ‘Paul Smith

Graphics: ‘Bryan Wieder


Tamara Yajia

Ben Rosen

Alex Dobrenko

Lead Cast

Holly Tuggy

Stefani Raile

Marina Richi

Alex Dobrenko


Director of Photography: ‘Nolan Scott

Production Designer: ‘Elaine Carey

Production Manager: ‘Kaja Martin

Costume Designer: ‘Vanessa Gonzalez

Casting Director: ‘Riley Hamilton

1st Assistant Director: ‘Kevin Moon

B/Cam Operator: ‘Austin Puckett

1st Assistant Camera: ‘Ethan Brookins

DIT: ‘Jim Wills

Gaffer: ‘Daniel Martinez

Key Grip: ‘Arthur Reynolds

Set Decorator: ‘Samatha Villegas

Set Dresser: ‘Sarah Lew

Set Dresser: ‘Steven Smyka

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Post Production Supervisor: ‘Aaron Talavera

Assistant Editor: ‘Jeremiah Williams

Assistant Editor: ‘Collin ‘Lapinsky

Wardrobe Assistant: ‘Angela Trivino

Script Supervisor: ‘Michelle Zagorsky

Sound Mixer: ‘Clark Weldon

HMU Supervisor: ‘Jessica Leigh Schwartz

HMU Supervisor: ‘Jessica Verdon

HMU Supervisor: ‘Mel Daniel

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SVP, Physical Production: ‘Jim Ziegler

Manager, Physical Production: ‘Carly Reeve

Head of HR: ‘Taylor Treadwell

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