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Inside HBO ‘s Silicon Valley RussFest

It ‘s the end of an era. And that era is the six-season-long run of HBO ‘s hit comedy Silicon Valley. And what era is better ended than with a big Hollywood party on a Thursday night featuring tents, people on stilts, and plates of little fried hors d ‘oeuvres. Some will surely say that if you remember RussFest then you weren ‘t really at RussFest – but here are some photos to help you experience the festivities whether you were there or not.

Guests were greeted by this swing set and giant sign reading “#RussFest, ‘ which coincidentally was the name of the event. (I can only assume that “pound symbol ‘ on the sign is a typo.) On Silicon Valley this season, RussFest was the desert festival created by billionaire Russ Hanneman. It was very cool that they decided to bring this location to life as opposed to, say, Thomas Middleditch ‘s character ‘s bedroom or something. Nothing against a bedroom, but what would party guests even do at that? Look at his socks? Boring!

The party featured all kinds of fun acts, including these guys dressed as the commas from the logo for Russ Hanneman ‘s Tres Comas tequila. You wouldn ‘t expect much from dancing punctuation symbols, but they were a blast. That said, imagine if these guys didn ‘t know each other and they all showed up randomly wearing the exact same red comma outfit. Wouldn ‘t that be awkward?! Gosh, I ‘m cringing right now thinking about it. Well, thank the good lord all of this was planned in advance.

My mom always said, “It ‘s not a real party unless someone is on stilts! ‘ Well, that statement never made any sense until RussFest. All night long, the stilt walkers stilt-walked around, peering down at the partygoers and telling them if they had dandruff or not. It was a hoot!
Silicon Valley often features cool technology, much like this giant screen that the show ‘s final episode was projected on. Perhaps if they ‘d made another season of the show, the fellas at Pied Piper could ‘ve built one of these big screens. But hey, I ‘m not a writer or anything. It ‘s just an idea.

The screening of the final episode began at the strike of 8:00pm, which as all comedy fans know is the funniest time of the evening. FYI, don ‘t zoom in too closely on the reflections in these partygoers ‘ eyes or else you ‘ll see spoilers.
The party ‘s specialty cocktails, all made with Tres Comas tequila, were billed as “the best damn cocktails you ‘ll ever try. ‘ That “damn ‘ in the middle really lets you know that this isn ‘t just any old TV show party ‘ this is an HBO party. Parental discretion advised.
It ‘s interesting that Silicon Valley is a show about the Internet and this article you ‘re reading right now is on the Internet. Not really sure what else to say about that, but you have to admit it IS interesting, right? Look, just forget I mentioned it. Here ‘s a photo of the party ‘s DJ playing music for the crowd or whatever.

It ‘s always sad when a great series like Silicon Valley comes to an end. Much respect to these fans for putting on a brave face and not weeping like babies throughout the entire party. If you look closely, you can see the tears gleaming in the corners of their eyes.

Many of the party ‘s staff were costumed in RussFest ‘s signature post-apocalyptic garb. One can ‘t help but look at these outfits and wonder, “Where do they buy this stuff? ‘ and “Could this be my new look too? ‘ But then you think, “Who am I kidding? I could never pull of a dystopian style. I ‘m rockabilly until I die! ‘
Now that Silicon Valley is done, HBO will need a new hit comedy featuring funny, quirky characters. I say give these two women a show. Maybe in their first episode they visit the Silicon Valley series finale party and talk about props from the show. Hey, I ‘m cracking up already!
Here you see a RussBuck, the official currency of RussFest, being held up by a member of the Hollywood elite. Partygoers got to enjoy living as billionaires for a night before going back to their normal, regular lives as mere millionaires.
And there you have it. Many wished that RussFest could ‘ve gone on forever, but all good things must come to an end. RussFest will live on permanently in our hearts ‘ or at least until the temporary tattoos wash off. Did I mention the temporary tattoo station? I meant to mention that. You could get all kinds of show-inspired tattoos. Anyway, whatever. Farewell, Silicon Valley!!!

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