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Your Cure For Habitual Lateness Is Here

If you ‘re always late, this is for you

Chronic lateness. Odds are you probably know someone who can ‘t seem to ever arrive at a time designated as ‘arrival time. ‘ That person usually rolls up 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes late, ready with an excuse that may involve any of the following (or a combination thereof): traffic, car trouble, family call, broken pipe, got lost, chased by Ghostface, escaped a tidal wave, fell into a garbage pit. But here ‘s what we want to say.


Maybe it ‘s you who has the problem, you ever think about that? Before you go casting judgment, and launching into your system of punctuality, or diagnosing them as the type of person who self-sabotages, just take a beat. Because while there ‘s been plenty of research into trying to figure out why some of us are like this ‘ no one has found THE cure. Not a cure, but THE CURE.

Until now.



Present/Future: Myles Mcgee


Exec Producer: David Saint

Producers: Chuck Armstrong, Charlie Stockman, Alexander Harrison Jacobs

Associate Producer: Nick Fox Robbins

Director: Alexander Harrison Jacobs

Writers: Charlie Stockman, Chuck Armstrong, Alexander Harrison Jacobs, Spike Friedman

DP: Cooper James

1st AC: Chris Macdonald

Gaffer: Brody Anderson

Key Grip: Heather Ballish

Production Designer: Lauren Meyer

Propmaster: Jason Trinidad

Makeup/Hair Artist: Jed Olmedo

Wardrobe Stylist: Amanda Mendoza David

Sound Mixer: Gavin Farsworth

1st AD: Nick Mann

Editor: Alexander Harrison Jacobs

Re-Recording Mixer: Alex Lee

Colorist: Philips Shum

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